Welcome to the Louisville Mix Submission Page.
In order to introduce Louisville Free Public Library’s (LFPL) patrons to the wide variety of quality music that comes from the 502, we invite local musical artists to submit songs, band photos, album art, song lyrics, music videos, video interviews and other digital ephemera. In collaboration with LFPL librarians, musicians’ contributions will be curated into collections by album. See the information below for guidance on what to submit and how to be part of this amazing project.

Submitting Digital Content to Louisville Mix

The submission process is free, and only takes about 10 minutes. You are welcome to submit as many pieces of digital content as you would like. Before you submit, please make sure that your content is:

  • Reflective of Louisville Mix’s mission to introduce LFPL patrons to local music.
  • An original work to which you own the rights.

What Digital Content Can I Submit?

We encourage a diverse range of submissions that reflects and celebrates Louisville’s musical culture. Suggested content includes songs, album art, video interviews of musical artists and more!

Accepted File Formats

Audio files, Images, Videos and Books (ePUB and PDF)

How Do I Digitize My Content?

There are plenty of resources available for easy DIY digitizing, including at your library! The LFPL Makerspace encourages you attend workshops, ask for expert advice and use equipment.

More Submission Options

If you would like for an LFPL librarian to submit your music instead, please send your files to localmusic@lfpl.org.